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Any spinoff of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is a place of reading that I want permanent occupancy. Prison Camp is one of the 99 problems the BDB knows it has but can’t find… The Viper is Kane and Nadya’s story. You’ll recall from the first two Prison installments that Kane was a former prisoner who took his wired-to-blow collar off and detonated himself a guaranteed, one-way ticket unto The Fade in the hopes of a reunion with his deceased shellan and with the hopes that his sacrifice would allow his longtime inmate friend, the Jackal, a chance at freedom. We learn later that Kane’s collar-to-heaven attempt failed, and Nadya, the mysteriously veiled nurse, is the one who tends to his broken body.

Surprisingly, The Viper mixes vampire and wolven lore more heavily than even Lucan’s story in The Wolf. As always, anything grown in J.R. Ward’s gray matter and makes an ink splash landing on paper is just good reading. *Note – Kane’s backstory is a SURPRISE!!!

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