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After the Bite is Lynsay Sands’ THIRTY-FIFTH Ageneau novel, and she has definitely not lost her mojo! Meet Valerian MacKenzie, a Scottish (thank you little, tiny, baby Jesus) enforcer who works for Garrett Mortimer taking out rogues-gone-wild, and Natalie Moncreif, a chef turned golf course owner, mother, bearer of past trauma drama, and one ferociously driven woman. You know what they say… play 18 holes with a person and you’re bonded for life… okay, maybe it’s rescue someone near the eighteenth hole…nope, they don’t say that either… whatever, it should be a saying. No matter what, After the Bite is undoubtedly an amazing Argeneau addition and a great overall read. There is enough mystery, romance, and fantasy to satisfy most readers with a heaping scoop of serial killer to fill in the gaps.

*Note – I don’t suffer from OCD (my kids say I do but, you know offspring, they can be little 🤐 at times), but there were several instances where I thought – Good God Almighty – hygiene!!! Natalie didn’t fit way enough showers in between accidents, etc…

*Note – A recurring thought I had while reading After the Bite – I can’t wait for Valerian’s sister Aileen’s book – surely, I’m not the only one!!!

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