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Leia Stone’s newest Kings of Avalier series is slated for four books AND, though they are all connected in the series, each are standalones!!! Brilliant – no cliffhangers! The first book, The Last Dragon King, begins its tale with Arwen Novakson, a young woman from Cinder Village. The town’s inhabitants are recognized by their ash-covered bodies from Cinder’s coal mines – the town may be humble in most aspects, but its people are hardworking and loyal to one another – so when Jade City’s Royal Guard blows into town with a decree from the Dragon King Drae Valdren, that all young women with enough dragon magic to marry him and carry his heir must leave their homes and move to Jade City, Arwen is not jumping up and down yelling ‘Pick Me!’ Pick Me!.’ Once Drae and Arwen meet, long-kept secrets erupt like dragon fire! If the entire series is as good as The Last Dragon King – WOW! I am excited!!! As you’re reading, you might get a smidgen of Cinderella, well, perhaps just a single grain of salt as a nod to a hard-working woman covered in ash and a hello to Keira Cass’ The Selection series, but other than that, it’s all magic, mystery, and mayhem!

Thank you for stopping by. If you still need to order or download your copy of The Last Dragon King, I’ve attached an Amazon link below. This is a four-book series, so stay tuned for the second book’s review coming December 2022! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!