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I’ve been anticipating Len and Samantha’s story, and Jaymin Eve certainly did not disappoint in this Shadow Beast series finale! Finale just sounds so … final … and come on, surely Galleli will speak into JE’s mind sooner rather than later – and his cryptic “There’s nothing more that needs dealing with” … yeah … not buying that shiz!

Prepare to dodge a series of massive curve balls coming your way when you read Glamoured – I mean, the author didn’t even attempt to soften the holy s#it, what the whats! This story did not follow the Shadow Beast Shifter pattern, but it did answer ALL the UNANSWERED SBS Books 1-5 questions – With the exception of Galleli (sorry … but I had to mention the ONE unsolved mystery in the book room). Final word – Jaymin Eve has gifted her readers with another amazing series to peruse, ponder, and passionately become addicted to❣️

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