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March 2023 can NOT get here soon enough – and I have to grumble just a smidge… a date for the third and FINAL book – but no TITLE – no matter author of A Charade of Magic – I’ll see you in the Spring💐 Nightingale is the second book of a trilogy, and admittedly, I wasn’t as entranced as I was with Hummingbird until about a quarter of the way through – that’s ONE-FOURTH of my time that I was seriously questioning my life choices – hang in there people, the great HH has a reason for every season and Nightingale, as it turns out, is extraordinary. Mairi, for all her previously silent motivations, has managed to spark a commoner’s resistance that even the top mage d!@k-echelons find threatening! I must not, dare not, WILL not, mention a certain daemon’s whereabouts, but rest assured, Laoch he whom I will not spoiler-alert, is… proper invested in a certain female mageling’s welfare.

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