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The Broken Elf King released November 26, 2022 … so why then, are you wondering, am I just now reviewing it? Consider this – you have a dog, you make him sit patiently for a treat, sometimes for a LONG time to ensure it knows how special this treat is and how lucky they are to receive it – your dog is vibrating with expectancy, near mindless from excitement, salivating … then you reach your hand out, treat extended, and … it’s gone. Gone within a blink of an eye, gone as though it never were, never existed. Where I ask, is the payoff in THAT?! No, thank you! I will get my copy of Leia Stone’s newest Kings of Avalier series, and I will touch it, side-eye it, carry it around, daydream about it, set it by my nightstand, calculate the days between now and when the third book releases, and then, and only then will I sink my teeth into its spine like one of Christine Feehan’s leopards!

The wait was worth it! I couldn’t imagine leaving Drae and Arwen from The Last Dragon King, but Raife and Lani leave no room for regrets. Stone has brilliantly written the four books in this series as standalones (Totally Brilliant), but they all fit together! And once the last puzzle piece slips into place, let’s just say Queen Zaphira better have a really good exit strategy!

Thank you for continuing the Kings of Avalier series with me! If you still need a copy of The Broken Elf King, I’ve attached an Amazon link below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!