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I really hate when the first book in a series is all backstory and endless ruminations of the Who, What, When, Where, and oh, How did this happen penned dictionary-style – Shannon Mayer must hate that too – Golden is insta familicide, animal transmutation, ghoulish best friends, and Norse God mischief – I mean, I NEVER put the book down. I’ve been a Mayer fan for years (minis the Forty Proof series … I’m middle-aged … It’s not exactly something I get up in the morning creating heartfelt odes to hot flashes about, nor do I want my double shot of espresso fantasy time waxing poetic about it …), but this series, The Golden Wolf, is extraordinarily original, craveable, and so well written! I am on my back in total submission to its Alpha greatness!

I hope you stick with me as we travel Mayer’s newest series together! I’ve attached an Amazon link below if you still need your copy. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Look for the second book in this series, Glitter, July 3, 2023!