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A lot of famous women have shared the moniker of Billie, many of which share marked similarities: sultry voices, a penchant for bad boys, MUSIC … but Billie Bellerose might top the list, fictional though she is, this bad B needs a ⚠️ label! Poison Roses is the first book in the Boys of Bellerose series and *spoiler alert* it’s whiskey neat and a side of peanut butter (replace that with your two favorite things in the whole wide world and THAT is this series)!

With so many ‘Boys’ vying for Billie’s attention, is it any wonder that the ‘right’ choice or the ‘best’ choice lines become blurred – and – where does Angel fit in? 😉 When authors Tate James and Jaymin Eve promote this series as *for a mature audience – they mean it! However, I wish they would have warned their audience of the series’ drama, its heart-pounding suspense, and its mind-melting addictiveness! I may have immediately moved on to the next review book on my list, but I’m still thinking of Billie’s story! Now THAT is writing people!

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