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I gobble up any and everything Elizabeth Briggs pens – the fact that she wrote Zodiac Aligned after finishing chemo … Warrior – EB is nothing short of a Warrior Goddess! I am humbled by this author’s dedication and perseverance in her LIFE and her writing.

Zodiac Aligned is the fourth and (semi)final book for Ayla and Kaden – and a highly anticipated release after the Ophiuchus Alpha’s disastrous pack removal on Ayla – his once upon-a-time alpha female now an outcast pack of one – has had me anticipating this book for AGES (10 months, 26 days actually). The fourth Zodiak Wolves installment is packed full of revelation – like Sun and Moon Witch theory – a brother mate bond undoing spell – how to bring thirteen alphas together AND AGREE ON ANYTHING – how to forgive – how to say goodbye – and how to have crazy hot mating S@X!🔥 Briggs has thrown down the Zodiac gauntlet and I have picked it up! Bravo EB❣️

I would be sad that this series is over – BUT IT’S NOT!!! Now we get standalones for all our favorite side characters! Watch for Fire Mated – Jordan’s story – coming out next February 5! If you need a copy – hard, paper, or digital – I’ve attached an Amazon link below. If you would like to receive an email when I release new reviews, Subscribe Now!