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You know when you’re watching a show, fictional or reality, and the actors or contestants do or say something embarrassing, and it’s almost too painful to watch or listen – like, your own face gets hot as though you’re part of the spectacle?! Funnily enough, this is exactly how Gena Showalter writes. A trainwreck so spectacular, so brilliantly captivating – One. Can. Not. Simply. Stop. Reading. After finishing The Immortal, I solemnly swear that Astra, the Machine, Halo and harpymph Ophelia are Rise of the Warlords LEGENDS (embarrassing bits and laugh-til-you-cry comedy moments are complimentary in this First Class series)! Showalter always throws down – but in RotW – she throws down HARD👊Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews gives this series ten ⭐’s, a standing ovation, and a harpy-approved stamp of bad@ssery!

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