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Reaper focus engaged – low ball glass of whiskey neat – do not disturb sign hung… This was my schedule of events before cracking open Dark Alpha’s Fury, Donna Grant’s 16th Reaper novel, and Xaneth and Aisling’s story!

We all wanted Xaneth’s story even before his aunt, Usaeil, held him captive and tortured him. Knowing he was drawn to the Reaper Aisling, and she to him, well, let’s just say this book felt like a LONG time coming! As with all Grant books – it was worth the wait – and just when we thought Usaeil took the POS cake trophy, we’re introduced to Lena; brutal, powerful, and merciless, this Fae is the worst of the Others. She is afraid of Xaneth, but no one knows why. Lena does know his one weakness, and in Dark Alpha’s Fury, she exploits it for all its worth.

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