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Blood and bloody bones.

Gwendolyn of Cornwall

Gwendolyn of Cornwall is Duty — honor-bound, pledged, and committed. Crushing betrayal has marked the Cornish Princess’ story – there are only a handful of people she can trust … perhaps … less than that.

The Forgotten Prince finds Gwendolyn making the dangerous journey to the City of Lights. Once there, she hopes the Fae King will relinquish her sword and Pretania’s salvation, Claímh Solais. Bryn is her Shadow once again, but unofficially, so are Málik Danann … and Esme. She wants to trust — needs to trust — but reality is deception.

Locrinus’ presence looms during their trek. Gwendolyn’s husband is the biggest betrayer of them all. Soldiers, alliances, and attacks plague the journey. The author tortures readers with a ‘does he love me, does he not’ theme while The Ending is … cliff diving. Treachery is only a portal away, and Crosby is there to push us through.

The Forgotten Prince is history, fantasy, and mystery. The Goldenchild Prophesy is an adventure that builds upon itself, similar to Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorn and Roses series. It’s a story of life and death, want versus need, and might opposed to right.

Once you pick up a Crosby genre-bending novel, your ‘settle for less’ will magically disappear.

The Forgotten Prince is where the phrase Living in a Man’s World went to die💕

No release date yet, but the 4th Goldenchild Prophecy book is called Arise the Queen. I will update the release as soon as it’s announced!

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of Crosby’s third Goldenchild Prophecy! I’ve attached Amazon links below if you need any of the books in this series. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! A special thank you to the author for allowing me the opportunity to read The Forgotten Prince early!