Dark Alpha’s Redemption: A Reaper Novel (Reapers – Book 8) Donna Grant

This eighth Reaper installment has a different feel and flavor than previous Dark World gifts from God books. It is difficult to explain why it feels different… it still has an edge but with slightly softer borders. Maeve the Merciless is a Dark Fae BA club associate (Member’s Only leather jacket included) with a lovely caramel frosting center (sorry, I was on Allrecipes earlier… anyhoo). Bradach is, well… a Reaper… isn’t that enough of an endorsement? Bradach and Maeve’s love story made me sigh, relax, and get comfy (Bradeve, Madach, Brace… I’ve never been good at couple mash-ups…).

I don’t want anyone to think that Donna Grant’s gone Reaper soft – Oh no, no, no. There are plenty feats of derring-do, Usaeil “I’m Queen of the World” Titanic moments, Tracker infestations, Dublin mists, whiskey toasts, and Dark Fae King daydreams (Balladyn maybe Dark but he is Light enough to make my top things I love Most in the Dark World…). Here is my final sales pitch for Dark Alpha’s Redemption – I never jonesed once for Rhi (or her Dragon King-cum-Mystery Man). Truth! My Rhi infatuation is not some 21-day break-a-habit kind of proclivity. Rhi’s every word is a mood-boosting vitamin shot AND I almost NEVER thought of her.

*Note – Question: Why do I always give Donna Grant books a 5-Star rating (this isn’t a trick question)? Answer: It’s Donna Grant…

*Note – So, I know Dragon King mates are like, the best thing ever… but am I the only one that thinks Rhi’s King has been dumb for wayyyyy toooooo lonnnng? I kinda, sorta, maybe wish Balladyn was her one and only… I know… Blasphemy…

I hope you all are keeping up with the Dragon King and Reaper series. If you haven’t ordered Dark Alpha’s Redemption the Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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